3 ways to organize your closet

Organizing Your Closet Space in 3 Ways

Spring is a great time to clean up and get organized. After a long and cold winter, there’s nothing better than opening space in your home. As you know, creating space is good for you. You’ll have fewer things to clean, and you may also find items you thought had gotten lost. In short, keeping things tidy allows you to spend less time cleaning and looking for stuff and more time enjoying yourself. For 5 easy ideas for a closet clean out, check out this article. Once you’ve cleaned up, it’s time to organize your closet and maximize your space.

We want to share with you 3 simple and easy ways for organizing your closet space you may not have considered. We know that some people are master organizers, but not everyone has the gifts of Marie Kondo! So, let’s dive right into 3 things to keep in mind and to help you organize and enhance your closet space.

1. Organize the Closet of Your Dreams

clothes to donate, wear or throw away


Once you’ve got everything sorted around your home and know what you want to keep and what gets recycled or donated to charity, it’s time to look at your closet. Before you place anything back inside, you want to think about space. Fortunately, even if you have a small closet, options exist for making the most out of the area. Sure, you won’t create more space, but you could use the space you have creatively.

For starters, consider getting closet organizers and, depending on the space you have, also storage organizers. By bringing these items into your closet, you’ll maximize space. For example, you could purchase a shoe rack that hangs on your door. And you could also get shelving for your sweaters, blouses, or shirts that you could fold neatly. When you do go out to purchase your closet organizers, make sure first to measure everything! Take into account door frames, inside corners, and any sloped ceilings.

2. Get Creative With Your Closet

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When organizing your closet, think about making it inviting. In other words, it’s a chance to get creative and use the space for getting ready for a night on the town or in preparation for an important meeting. To make your closet space creative, make it a point to add a few essential touches. For example, when your closet is empty, take the time to repaint it in a nice color that you like. The inside of your closet doesn’t have to be white. For example, you could pick a neutral color that you prefer.

Something else you could do in organizing your closet space is to add a full-length door mirror. Depending on if you wear ties, jewelry, or scarves, consider getting a wall-mounted rack that could get tucked into an area of your closet. Having your accessories close-by within your wardrobe and your clothes allows you to easily mix-and-match. And if you happen to have a full-length mirror on the door, you could do quick mirror checks without leaving your closet area.

3. Using Screens, Curtains, and Sliding Doors

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You might have a small closet, a big and long one, or depending on your apartment, no closet at all! Don’t worry; there are still things you could do to gain more space in your designated closet area. For example, if you happen to have a long closet that runs along a wall, make things easier for yourself and get sliding bypass doors that cross each other. That way, you could easily slide doors from one side to another to look for and get clothes in and out of the closet.

What if you happen to have a home that has limited or even no closet space? No problem. Create closet space! All you have to do is measure out the area that you want to use for a closet. Then purchase rails or hanging racks to create your closet space. Within that space, you could add drawers if you wish, and to hide your closet, all you have to do is purchase a screen or curtains that hang from a pole for privacy. Here’s an easy-to-follow article for creating a wardrobe area in your bedroom.


Bonus Tip for Organizing Your Closet

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Finally, you should seek to organize your closet space every season or two. If you happen to have space under your bed, purchase storage units and place your summer or winter clothing. Alternate the closet space for items of the current season and place clothing that’s out of season under the bed in storage until you need the things again.






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