Foolproof guide to help your family declutter before Christmas. Make the holidays more relaxing and clutter-free with these easy 31 steps.

Why You Should Declutter Before Christmas

The holidays are a busy time of year, but making time to declutter before Christmas will ensure happy and stress-free celebrations. That’s right, decluttering and cleaning isn’t just for spring. Winter is also a great time to go through your house and donate anything that doesn’t fit your current lifestyle.

Here are three reasons you should consider decluttering your home this holiday season.

Declutter Before Christmas Will Make Room For New Items

Christmas and the other winter holidays aren’t about giving or receiving gifts. But gifting is still a prominent feature of this time of year. That’s why so many people find themselves with more items than they know what to do with. But removing items from your home before any gift exchange happens is an easy way to stay ahead of the clutter.

Prepare For A Clean & Clear New Year

December is all about the holidays, but January is all about the resolutions. And while it’s easy to push off thinking about January until after Christmas, studies show the more you plan and prepare for your resolutions, the more likely you are to stick with them. So how can decluttering in December help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions in January? When your house is clean and clutter-free you’ll have more time and mental space to focus on achieving your resolution.

Encourage Your Family To Establish A Good Decluttering Schedule   

We’re not born with good habits; we form them over time. That’s why annual or even quarterly decluttering is a great habit to get your family accustomed to. Because when you’re doing it often and on a schedule, it doesn’t feel as daunting. Starting a pre-holiday declutter tradition is a great way to show your family just how important the practice is.

Now that you know why you should declutter, let’s talk about how. The holidays can be busy, that’s why we’ve put together 31 simple steps you can take to declutter for Christmas today. Do two a day until Christmas or pick a weekend and power through them all at once. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re donating anything eligible.

31 Ideas To Declutter Before Christmas

Closet Declutter

  1. Clothes that don’t fit.
  2. Clothes that you never/seldom wear.
  3. Clothes that don’t fit your style.
  4. Clothes you don’t feel comfortable wearing.
  5. Mismatched socks.
  6. Clothes with rips, tears, or stains.
  7. Accessories you don’t like.

Kitchen Declutter

  1. Incomplete dish/drinkware sets.
  2. Kitchen appliances that don’t work.
  3. Cookware you never/seldom use.
  4. Mismatched flatware.
  5. Broken or chipped plates, bowls, and mugs.
  6. Kitchen towels that don’t match your style.

Shared Spaces Declutter

  1. Old DVDs or other media you never/seldom watch.
  2. Card and board games you never/seldom play.
  3. Candles you don’t like the smell of.
  4. Flat couch pillows.
  5. Old or worn blankets.
  6. Undesirable knickknacks and coffee table books.

Bedroom Declutter

  1. Flat pillows.
  2. Old or worn bedding.
  3. Additional clutter from your nightstand drawer
  4. Decorations you don’t like.
  5. Electronics you don’t use.
  6. Worn pet toys, beds, or blankets.
  7. Empty picture frames you’ve never filled.

Garage Declutter

  1. Tools you seldom/never use.
  2. Items you put in the garage because you didn’t want them in the house.
  3. Anything you’re tired of storing in your garage.
  4. Outdoor toys you seldom/never use.
  5. Car accessories you don’t use.

Use these 31 ideas to start your holiday decluttering today. But don’t stop here, if you have even more in your house to declutter, try to get it done before Christmas for a stress-free holiday—you might be surprised to learn that most of the items you declutter can be donated! Check the list of items Donate This Recycle That accepts here