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How to Do a Sustainable Spring or Summer Party!

After a long year since the start of the pandemic, it’s time to have a little fun. As more and more people get vaccinated, and as more events happen outdoors, you might be thinking of enjoying yourself with friends and family. In this article, we’re going to share some great ideas for a sustainable spring party! Yes, you could have fun and enjoy yourself and still do things toward conservation. So, let’s get started on our tips and ideas for a fantastic party!

1. Choosing a Theme for Your Spring Party

Just like any party or event, an enjoyable spring party needs a good theme. Fortunately, there are so many themes you could choose from to get people more excited. For example, because many people want to take an escape, and Hawaii is a great destination. So, you could have a party with a Hawaiian Luau theme. Many people know about a pub crawl, but have you heard of an ice cream crawl? Whet peoples’ appetites with cool and refreshing ice creams. All you need is to get at least 5 different flavors and make that the centerpiece of your event for dessert.

2. Make Sure Your Invitations are Festive, But Eco-Friendly

It’s common these days to send invitations digitally using platforms such as Evite. However, if you want your event to stand-out, you want to make it extra special. And that could indeed mean sending out printed invites. The trick in sending invitations through the mail, however, is to make sure they’re sustainable. For example, Eco Party Time produces “tree-free” invitations, which are plantable. In other words, these invitations get created on seed paper. When the paper gets planted, your guests will remember the spring party for a long time as they grow flowers and herbs!

3. Offer a Spring Party For a Good Cause

If you want a sustainable spring party, then an excellent idea is to ask your guests to bring their clothes to donate to charity. As we know, spring’s a great time for cleaning out closets. Unfortunately, when people clean out closets, they don’t know where to give all their apparel. So, make it easy for them. Ask people to bring their clothes and shoes and place them in eco-friendly containers you have at your party. Once your event ends, take the items to your region’s donation location with a few volunteers’ assistance. Then, let attendees know they made a significant difference in the thank you messages sent.

4. Make Sure the Party Food Is Sustainable

It used to be that when people thought of veggie burgers, they didn’t get that excited. However, times have changed, and millions of people love plant-based food. In fact, more and more people are steering away from having meat because of the large carbon footprint it creates. So, for your spring party, get tasty food that’s all plant-based. If you happen to love BBQs, this is your chance to show everyone how delicious veggie burgers, salads, vegetables, and fruits can be without any animal-based products, creating a significant adverse impact on the environment.

5. Decorate with Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

Every spring party needs a bit of decoration, but you don’t need to buy products and create waste. Instead, all you have to do is to become a little creative. For instance, if your event occurs during evening hours, you could use old jars to hold eco-friendly candles. Instead of flowers that you get at the florist, decorate with plants. And if you purchase extra plants, encourage your guests after the event to take one of the potted plants with them. Just search for eco-friendly decorations and sustainable party businesses that could provide you with eco-friendly decorating ideas.

6. Be Aware of Paper Products at Your Party

For a sustainable spring party, inevitably, you have to think paper. You should aim to reduce what gets used, and when you do have to use paper (e.g., napkins), make sure the products are bio-degradable. For backyard parties, many people prefer to use paper plates. Again, you want to ensure your plates and party cups are biodegradable. However, another approach to take is to use a rental company for serving products and supplies. You could also ask your friends and family to lend you extra picnic blankets, plates, cups, chairs, or tables.

7. Give Away Any Extra Food that Remains

As we know, there’s a lot of need in our country. Sure enough, you’ll likely have extra food that will not get consumed at your spring party. The best thing you could do with that food is to give it to people in need. So, in advance of your event, do a simple internet search for food rescue, shelters, and food banks in your area. Once you decide where you’ll take the extra food, coordinate with the organization to ensure someone’s available to accept the food.

Once your memorable sustainable spring party concludes, you may want to give people a keepsake memory. You can handle this in several ways. For example, you could contribute to an environmental charity and let your friends know that in place of party favors, you’re making donations to environmental charities in their honor. However, if you think you want to give your attendees a gift, think about creative eco-friendly products. For instance, you could consider giving out eco-friendly canvas bags for grocery shopping. You could also give party favors such as plants, matchbooks with seeds, or napkin plant seeds.

In conclusion, you could have an amazing sustainable spring party. All that matters, in the end, is the time your guests spend with each other.



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