Fall recycling

Fall Recycling – 10 Tips to Conserve Energy

The Importance of Fall Recycling

Fall is a great time to reflect on a year’s worth of memories and prepare for the upcoming winter. The crisp air reminds us that it’s time to start sorting through what we have accumulated in our homes and find ways to recycle old, unwanted items.

In fall, the winter is coming so it’s important to start recycling or else your items will clutter your home or pile up in a landfill.


woman adjusting the thermostat

1. Adjust the thermostat

Naturally, colder seasons mean adjusting the thermostat. But why should you have to?

Your thermostat is what makes your house cozy during winter, but too much cold air can be harsh on your health. It’s recommended that you bring the thermostat down to 68 degrees while you’re at home during the fall season. Also be sure to adjust it if you plan on being away from the house for an extended period of time. Not only does this keep your home comfortable, but it also helps you cut back on the energy you use to do so.

2. Create a compost pile

Composting is a practice that celebrates the living! We all have a diverse range of plants and animals in our backyards. And a compost pile is the perfect way to gather all of this wonderful biodiversity, and turn it into an even more wonderful resource for your garden.

But how do you make compost from kitchen scraps? It’s super easy! Start by just adding what you have on hand – fruit & vegetable scraps, then add lawn clippings, leaves, and excess dirt. You can also add egg shells, manure and little worms. That’s all you need to get your new compost pile to get started.

fallen leaves yard waste

3. Reduce waste in your fall landscaping

Win the battle against waste. All discarded or leftover materials from landscaping chores should be stored in appropriate containers for recycling or disposal. First check your city ordinances as they will have up to date information on removal and regulations. And if you’re doing a large fall yard project, consider hiring a waste removal company. Lend a hand to make sure your community members are doing their part to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.

cozy sweater woman in front of the fireplace

4. Clean out your fireplace

With season changes and fluctuating warmth, there’s no better time than to give your fireplace a good cleaning before heavy use. All season long, be sure to use eco-friendly logs as these release around 75% less carbon monoxide than other fireplace logs. When you do decided to use your fireplace to cozy up for a night in, make sure to turn off your heater. When you run both heating sources at the same time, it’s a huge waste of energy.

feet warming by the fire

5. Get cozy in comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks

In the summer, we never get to add layers or wear those big comfy socks. Use the changing season to get cozy while cutting back on a heavy heating bill. This is the time to use your fire pit, roast some s’mores and enjoy cooler weather outside. Fall is here, and with it come the glorious colors, the cozy feeling of warmth coming through the windows, and crunching leaves underfoot.


person holding reusable shopping bags

6. Use reusable bags

We’re all here to the world a better place and we believe in the power of recycling and reusing.

Reusable bags are great for many reasons. First of all, they help the environment by eliminating the need to use more plastic bags. Secondly, they let you be as creative as you want to as you can design them any way that suits your personality best. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Make sure to grab a reusable bag and be active in preserving the planet for generations to come. It’s so simple. We all get them – grocery store, coffee shop, etc. Throw them onto your bike rack, in the back of your car, or in your handbag before you head home. Let’s #jointhegreenside together!

waste bin organizer

7. Organize your waste bins

Got litter?⁣⁣ A good junk of people feel like they can’t recycle because it’s an added step in their already busy week. Keeping extra bins next to your trash for recyclable goods and/or organic compostable materials will make recycling a whole lot easier!

A little bit of organization goes a long way – especially when it comes to a less-cluttered house. If you already have a place for food waste through composting, move to recyclables! It’s best to put them in distinctive colored bins just as you would outside on your curb. This is especially great if you have little ones in your home.

ceiling fan

8. Use your ceiling fan to conserve energy

For those who are always on the lookout for ways to save, using ceiling fans in the fall and wintertime is a tactic that will help to reduce heating costs while helping to conserve energy. A typical ceiling fan can save up to 30% of the energy used by running your air conditioning.

In the summer, ceiling fans should run in a counterclockwise motion to cool you down. But when you get to cooler seasons, reverse the direction of the fan and it will pull the cool air up from the ground while pushing warm air near the ceiling downwards. This simple move is a win-win in our books!

baby with humidifier

9. Get a humidifier

Humidifiers are an easy way to get more humidity in the air. They do not require a lot of energy to run, and there are many types on the market. Humidifiers use water, not electricity. They can be set to give off heat too for cold nights, which is an excellent option for people who don’t want to heat up their whole house during the winter!

A humidifier can help provide a heating option for those living in cold climates and can help them enjoy comfortable warmth. They use less energy than heaters which reduces the amount of waste they produce as well as conserves energy.

fall cleaning and decluttering dog yard work

10. Do some fall cleaning and decluttering

Fall is the perfect time to declutter since you will be able to see everything in your house. Cleaning out your home does more than just clean up the mess. It can help you conserve energy, reduce waste and even improve your mood. This is not just for the holidays, but every season of the year. It will help you conserve energy and reduce waste, and more.

A couple of appliances you should check first, the lint filter on your dryer. Be sure to give it a good wash with your hose outside or a quick soak in the sink. Next up check your air filters around the house. After that check the coils on the back of your refrigerator and give them a good dusting and cleaning. These coils help controls the temperature of the refrigerator keeping heat away from the compressor. Lastly, clean out your closet and recycle any gently used clothing, shoes and home decor that you no longer want or use. Find a donation drop box off at any of our locations. 

girl with fall leaves

Your Actions Can Help Make a Difference

We’re finally transitioning from the hot summer months to the crisp cool autumn of fall. While it can be a beautiful time, it also means that we have to make sure we are conserving energy in our homes and buildings by lowering our thermostat when we aren’t home, unplugging appliances when not in use, and closing curtains at night.

Fall recycling is all about preparing for the holidays and getting ready to start fresh with a new year. We hope these tips have been helpful as you look to reduce waste and recycle more!